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After launching the Heritage Periodic Table Collector's Edition, we wanted to offer a display that was slightly more interactive than our previous products. The Noble Gas Display was a natural next step in our journey. The display incorporates aspects of our previous projects and follows the same STEM theme that we all love.  

The Noble Gas Display contains glass vacuum ampules with small amounts of Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, and Xenon. Radon was not included due to its radioactive nature. As a side note, Radon only has a half-life of 3 days and would decay to lighter elements rather quickly.  


The display is the same size as our original Heritage Periodic Table. It measures 4.5in x 6in x 1 in (114mm x 153mm x 25mm).   The display is made from the same high-quality acrylic as our previous products. All of our products are made here in the USA. This allows us to work closely with our manufacturer and keep the quality extremely high.  

There are no wires or conductors that carry the electric field within the display. We were able to source a high-quality and off-the-shelf Tesla Coil that provides enough energy to illuminate the display. At the same time, cost was a huge consideration and we feel that we have found the best of both worlds.  

✔️Noble Gas Display 

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What Sets Us Apart

Unlike many of the knock-offs found online, our element cubes contain the actual elements, which is perhaps the most important feature of the display!

Superior optical clarity, careful placement of the elements in the artwork, and real, pure elements are what set us apart. This is the highest quality and most complete element collection on the market.

We manufacture our element cubes here in the US using Lucite acrylic which does not yellow over time and is the most optically clear acrylic. This is the perfect gift for the science or chemistry lover in your life. Get yours today!

Discounts for Defects

We often have periodic tables, heritage museums, and other acrylic displays that have errors (usually a missing or displaced item). We sell these at a discount under the Discounted Items section of the website. Click this link to go to see these kinds of periodic tables.

Customer Reviews

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Must buy

The Tesla coil has instructions which I wish were more visual, but I absolutely Had to buy it. As a teacher, this is beyond amazing!

Adrian Astrakhan
High quality, interactive, apprehensible science. Plus, just damn cool.

The Tesla Coil and noble gas display are beautifully crafted, feel very high-end, and work flawlessly. They demonstrate electromagnetism, plasma states, ionization and more. Clever design and engineering, visually engaging, and fun. Very well done, folks.

Marc Groetelaars
Great item

Bought this for a birthday gift and it was received well :-)
The Tesla Coil is fantastic

Jonathan Crall
Noble Gas + Tesla Coil

This is a very cool set. I would give 5/5, but I'm going to go 4/5 because the instructions for setting up the Tesla Coil were somewhat hard to follow. There weren't any diagrams, so it was hard to determine what piece they were talking about. It was also difficult to determine what was safe to do and what wasn't.

Getting the LEDs to light up is very easy. Use them to get a feel for where the strong parts of the EM field are.

It's a little tricky to get the gasses or lightbulb (plasma tube?) to light up. You have to put the display near the bronze cylinder, and you have to wait for a few seconds. I'm not sure exactly why this is physically. It would've been nice to have a sheet explaining what the physical processes were, but I'm sure these can be looked up online.

So 1 star deduction because it would've been nice to have more information, but in terms of the product itself, it's fantastic. The build quality is good and they look nice on display. Overall I would recommend.

Tesla Coil + Noble Gases from France

Very pleased with both "tools" of the purchase ! Read well the warnings about using a tesla coil and everything will be fine !