SR-71 Blackbird Titanium (Jet Blueprint)

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The SR-71 was engineered by Lockheed and the Skunk Works division to be a long-range reconnaissance jet capable of flying at an altitude of 85,000 feet. Because of it's tremendous speed (Mach 3.2+ or 2,464 MPH), not a single SR-71 was shot down during service. This high speed also required that the aircraft be constructed with a special titanium alloy.


This particular aircraft crashed on private property in Texas and the titanium was purchased from a private collector.  



Customer Reviews

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Luca Migliorini
Beautiful for my collection

Truly an amazing product


Such a great little display! The acrylic has great clarity showing off the blueprint and a sizeable chunk of titanium!

Great little piece! BUT..

Great little piece of history to own. The one small gripe would definitely be the minuscule dirt or dust specs found inside the cube as you can see in the photo. I know Engineered labs do things by hand so stuff can happen. Not a big deal since they’re very small but it’s definitely noticeable. Also, it would have been cool to receive a paper authenticating the piece inside. The SR71 foundation has a list of blackbirds including this one, but I think for future purchases in this category I’d appreciate the comfort of handing down a piece like this to the next generation with some form authenticity. Overall, I’ll most definitely purchase more items from the brothers at engineered labs. They clearly love what they do.