Here at Engineered Labs, we design and manufacture products that we think would be awesome. We have a passion for product design, especially for innovative ideas that don't yet exist. Most of our items are science related, such as the acrylic periodic tables. However, our goal is to continually expand our product line to include items from all fields of STEM. 

Our first product was called the Incredible Chemistry Set and we created it on a whim. We launched the set on Kickstarter and quickly realized that there are many others out there who enjoy high-quality science products. Since then, we have brought several more ideas to fruition and have slowly grown our business.

We manufacture all of our products here in the US. We try to use the highest quality materials for our products to help them last for generations. Because we design the products ourselves, they are all one-of-a-kind.

Cory and I are brothers and we work together to create new products. Cory is the scientist and I'm the engineer, so we thought the name "Engineered Labs" was fitting. We live in southeast Idaho and we both enjoy the outdoors here. If you're ever in this area, feel free to stop by and see what we're working on! 



Thanks for visiting our site! Feel free to contact us at or 209.570.1418 with any questions or concerns you may have.

-Tim & Cory Marriott