Bromine Element Cube

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Bromine is a halogen similar to chlorine or iodine. Bromine's atomic number is 35 and its symbol is Br. Bromine is one of only two elements that are liquid at room temperature alongside mercury. This blood-colored liquid fumes at room temperature when exposed to air producing an amber-colored vapor. Bromine gets its name from a Greek word meaning “stench” because of its sharp and unpleasant smell. Elemental bromine is not found naturally because of its high reactivity. Commercially bromine is harvested in salt form from deep water lakes also known as brine pools.  As you move this cube display back and forth you can see the bromine slosh back and forth, briefly painting the inside of the glass ampule red before settling back at the bottom.

  • Made In USA
  • 2x2x2 inches
  • Contains Liquid Bromine
What Sets Us Apart

Unlike many of the knock-offs found online, our element cubes contain the actual elements, which is perhaps the most important feature of the display!

Superior optical clarity, careful placement of the elements in the artwork, and real, pure elements are what set us apart. This is the highest quality and most complete element collection on the market.

We manufacture our element cubes here in the US using Lucite acrylic which does not yellow over time and is the most optically clear acrylic. This is the perfect gift for the science or chemistry lover in your life. Get yours today!

Discounts for Defects

We often have periodic tables, heritage museums, and other acrylic displays that have errors (usually a missing or displaced item). We sell these at a discount under the Discounted Items section of the website. Click this link to go to see these kinds of periodic tables.

Customer Reviews

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Did Dudu

Bromine(Br) is liquid, and it’s not as toxic as Mercury(Hg).


this is so dope I’m obsessed. Bromine is my favorite element

Bromine Element Cube

My son, Max, will be over the moon with this. He will for sure continue his collection. Thanks!

Yunxiang Yang
It’s amazing

Like, it’s actually amazing, best purchase and the owner was so nice to help with the purchase