Hassium Element Cube

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  • Made In USA
  • 2x2x2 inches
  • Radioactive symbol. No sample.

Hassium's atomic number is 108 and its symbol is Hs. Hassium is highly radioactive; its most stable known isotopes have half-lives of approximately ten seconds. It is a superheavy element; it has been produced in a laboratory only in very small quantities by fusing heavy nuclei with lighter ones. Natural occurrences of the element have been hypothesised but never found.

Named after the German state of Hesse home to the facility in which it was discovered. The principal innovation that led to the discovery of hassium was the technique of cold fusion, in which the fused nuclei did not differ by mass as much as in earlier techniques. It relied on greater stability of target nuclei, which in turn decreased excitation energy. This decreased the number of neutron ejections during synthesis, creating heavier, more stable resulting nuclei.

This display is contained within crystal clear lucite acrylic.