SR-71 Titanium

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The SR-71 was engineered by Lockheed and the Skunk Works division to be a long-range reconnaissance jet capable of flying at an altitude of 85,000 feet. Because of it's tremendous speed (Mach 3.2+ or 2,464 MPH), not a single SR-71 was shot down during service. This high speed also required that the aircraft be constructed with a special titanium alloy.


This particular aircraft crashed on private property in Texas and the titanium was purchased from a private collector.  



Customer Reviews

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Filip Andric
Fantastic Piece of History!

The feeling of owning a piece of aviation history as a aviation lover is like no other.

The quality is amazing and genuinely awe inspiring to look at.

Bonus points for the Certificate of Authenticity.

I’d give 6 Stars if I could!

Bruce Frickey
Owning a piece of aviation history!

Good size, good value, good quality. It is truly unique to have a piece of my favorite plane.

Birthday gift

I got this for a friend’s birthday last minute. It arrived sooner than expected, and the pictures didn’t do the product justice. I got the SR-71 Titanium sample, and it’s gorgeous. I cannot wait to see their face when they unwrap it.

Erik Johnson
So cool!

Now I'll always have part of my favorite plane close to me.

This is so cool

I haven't given it as a gift yet, but my child who is also an aviation appreciator thinks that this is the coolest thing. There's something very elegant about it, as well. My husband will *geek out* and I know exactly where on the desk he'll put it, and that brings me joy. I'm excited. It's just cool.
Thank you!