Chemiluminescence Experiment Kit

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We plan to start selling individual chemical experiment kits, and what better way to begin than with this awesome chemiluminescence reaction! This is one of our favorite reactions and unlike other chemiluminescence kits on the market, this reaction produces light for hours, not seconds. 


The kit comes with:

Two 15ml bottles containing two different solutions.

  • One solution containing Bis(2,4,6-trichlorophenyl) Oxalate.
  • One solution containing a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and a solvent.

The directions are very straightforward; simply pour the two liquids together and swirl. The reaction starts immediately and lasts several hours, producing a bright white light. This is a great way to get kids and students interested and excited about chemistry.

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Customer Reviews

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Great Kit, don't forget what it is.

I ordered this for my science classroom. Kits came in and I packed them away until the chemical change unit. Totally forgot what they were, as they are unlabeled. Make sure you label them when you receive and unpack them. The luminescence lasts a while and students are in awe of it. Much better than experiencing a endothermic or exothermic reaction.

luis martinez
Amazing kit, my students loved it!!!

It was an amazing kit very bright Andy 8th grade student loved it, the only downside is the amount I wish it could have a little bit more. Still a five star though.