Heritage Periodic Table: Collector's Edition 85 Elements

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The Heritage Periodic Table: Collector's Edition is the next version of our acrylic periodic tables. This is the most complete and stunning periodic table collection on the market today. There are several new improvements that make this new edition superior to the original periodic tables. Below is a list of improvements found in the Collector's Edition:

  • Pure alkali metals in micro glass ampules
  • All gaseous elements in glass ampules
  • Larger precious metal samples than the 83 element display samples
  • Native gray diamonds for the carbon sample
  • Native sulfur crystals
  • Ferrous meteorite for the iron sample
  • Halogens in glass ampules (Chlorine, Bromine, Iodine)
  • Pure mercury metal in glass ampules
  • Pure europium metal in glass ampules
  • Antique radium watch hands embedded for the radium sample
  • Slightly larger size, so overall larger element samples

This is the highest quality and most complete element collection on the market. And we feel like the best looking, but we might be biased. We recently filed for a patent as well. This is the perfect gift for the science enthusiast or chemistry lover in your life. Get yours today!

The Heritage Periodic Table pretty much speaks for itself. The collection looks great on a desk, in your hands, and anywhere else it can be displayed. 

Please note that these displays are made 100% by hand. There will be variations in them. Though they are high quality, it is impossible to make a display that is 100% perfect by everyone's standards. Sometimes ampules are slightly different lengths, samples are not perfectly centered, or small fibers or dust are in the acrylic.


Dimensions: 5.125" x 7.25" x 1.0" (130mm x 184mm x 25mm)

Material: Lucite Acrylic (Made in the USA)

Element Embedments: 85 elements

Non-pure Elements: Fluorine (represented by natural fluorite), Bromine (decomposition reaction produces bromine gas), Radon (represented by granite), Uranium (represented by uranium glass or Autunite ore), Thorium (represented by thoriated metal)


Lucite acrylic is a cut above the rest. Unlike cheaper plastics, Lucite acrylic will not turn yellow over the years. This is the most durable and scratch-resistant acrylic available. Lucite is also the most optically clear acrylic. It is made in the United States and will last for generations.

The collection contains 85 individual element samples. Due to its rarity and radioactivity, Technetium was excluded from the collection as was Promethium. Except for Uranium and Thorium, elements 84 (Polonium) through 118 (Oganesson) were also excluded (for obvious reasons).

Although several elements within the Periodic Table are dangerous, the collection is safe to handle and store.

In order to produce the correct sizes for the Periodic Table, the elements are broken, cut, machined, melted, or sealed in a glass ampule. 

The Collector's Edition Display contains ampules of the gaseous elements (Xenon, Krypton, Argon, Neon, Helium, Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Hydrogen).


*International buyers are responsible for the customs duty/tax for their respective countries. 

Patent No. D893,619

Link to our Patent


✔️Made in the USA   (Beware of scam websites and fake knock-offs) 

✔️Dimensions  5.125" x 7.25" x 1"

✔️85 Real elements cast in crystal clear acrylic

✔️Makes the best science gift!

✔️Love it or ship it back for free!

✔️Free Shipping within the USA


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What Sets Us Apart

There are countless Chinese knock-offs of our periodic tables, but they are very poor quality. The majority of these periodic table knock-offs do not contain actual elements, which is perhaps the most important feature of the display!

Superior optical clarity, careful placement of the elements in the artwork, and real, pure elements are what set us apart. This is the highest quality and most complete element collection on the market.

We manufacture our periodic tables here in the US using Lucite acrylic which does not yellow over time and is the most optically clear acrylic. This is the perfect gift for the science or chemistry lover in your life. Get yours today!


We get asked about the radioactivity and overall safety of the periodic table from time to time. These are legitimate concerns and we wanted to address those concerns here. Although several elements in the periodic table are dangerous or toxic, the acrylic and glass ampules make the collection safe to handle and store.

The radiation from the uranium and thorium samples is extremely low. Autunite (uranium ore sample) has a radioactivity level of 0.01 mRem for a 2mm piece held in your hand for an hour. The average American is exposed to 0.034 mrem/hr from background radiation (300 mrem/year). In other words, a person will get three times the radiation from natural background radiation which includes the sun, food, radon, and the environment, than they will from holding the periodic table all day.


Discounts for Defects

We often have periodic tables, heritage museums, and other acrylic displays that have errors (usually a missing or displaced item). We sell these at a discount under the Discounted Items section of the website. Click this link to go to see these kinds of periodic tables. https://engineeredlabs.com/collections/discounted-items

Customer Reviews

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Asya Litvina
Great gift

Gave it to my science loving dad for a birthday gift, and he was very amused and smitten. He said the packaging was top notch, and he appreciated the letter of authenticity it comes with. He did comment that it's small, so I'm glad I paid (a lot) extra for the newer, larger size. Shipped out of Reno, NV so arrived fast one state over.




matthew c.
Excellent quality

Thrilled to receive this - great quality item.

John Kinsman
Very legit stuff!

I really have no complaints so far, it’s definitely a step up from my other display. Wish some of the element samples were bigger, but that’s pretty much it.

Jonatan Rodriguez
Perfect gift for a chem student

Some elements are smaller than expected, that's my only "complaint". It is stunning in hand and I wish it had some anti-fingerprint coating - because I cannot stop handling it and admiring it! The packaging is very secure and it comes in a nice bag. The elements themselves are very interesting to look at, especially the ones that do not come flattened, the texture and surface are cool to look at from the bottom side of the piece. I'd probably be the first to buy a future version of this with more elements, the price is very much worth it for such a beautiful piece of art!