Element Cube Set - 118 Cubes

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This listing is for all 118 element cubes. If you are creating your own large display of the elements, this is a great option! The price is discounted so it is cheaper per cube compared to the price of purchasing each cube separately.


85 of the 118 cubes have physical samples of the elements embedded within. The other 33 cubes are placeholders and have the radioactive symbol embedded within. Those 33 elements are man-made and do not exist in nature due to their extreme instability and radioactivity. 

The size of these cubes is 50mm x 50mm. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

*Clear spacer cubes are not included in the set. 

What Sets Us Apart

Unlike many of the knock-offs found online, our element cubes contain the actual elements, which is perhaps the most important feature of the display!

Superior optical clarity, careful placement of the elements in the artwork, and real, pure elements are what set us apart. This is the highest quality and most complete element collection on the market.

We manufacture our element cubes here in the US using Lucite acrylic which does not yellow over time and is the most optically clear acrylic. This is the perfect gift for the science or chemistry lover in your life. Get yours today!


We get asked about the radioactivity and overall safety of the periodic table from time to time. These are legitimate concerns and we wanted to address those concerns here. Although several elements in the periodic table are dangerous or toxic, the acrylic and glass ampules make the collection safe to handle and store. The radiation from the uranium and thorium samples is extremely low. Autunite (uranium ore sample) has a radioactivity level of 0.01 mRem for a 2mm piece held in your hand for an hour.

The average American is exposed to 0.034 mrem/hr from background radiation (300 mrem/year). In other words, a person will get three times the radiation from natural background radiation which includes the sun, food, radon, and the environment, than they will from holding the periodic table all day.


Discounts for Defects

We often have periodic tables, heritage museums, and other acrylic displays that have errors (usually a missing or displaced item). We sell these at a discount under the Discounted Items section of the website. Click this link to go to see these kinds of periodic tables. https://engineeredlabs.com/collections/discounted-items

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Jessie Pinkman
I agree with walter

I loved this product except for the fact that I can’t get francium

Walter White
Very good