Hydrogen Element Cube

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Hydrogen is the first element and its symbol is H.  Hydrogen is the lightest element as well as the most abundant element in the universe. It is estimated that hydrogen makes up approximately 75% of the universe. This element is what is responsible for the light that the sun produces. Although hydrogen is extremely flammable, the sun does not burn it. Instead, it uses nuclear fusion to convert hydrogen to helium. Because hydrogen is the lightest element it was used as an alternative to helium to fill two blimps during World War 2 when helium was unavailable to Germany. Unlike helium, however, hydrogen's extreme flammability and explosiveness led to a disaster known as the Hindenburg disaster.

When hydrogen is excited it produces a lavender to a magenta color. The hydrogen sample in our cubes is under vacuum which means that it glows in an electric field similar to how neon signs glow.

  • Made In USA
  • 2x2x2 inches
  • 99.995% Pure Sample 

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Cool Hydrogen

Hydrogen is a cool nonmetal that’s also a gas. Having it as a display is already nice enough but with the power of a mini tesla coil, it’s just even better.