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Whether you're a history buff, a curious learner, or simply someone with a passion for the past, our Personal Museum subscription offers a unique opportunity to journey through time and explore some of the small wonders of the world.

This subscription allows you to collect all of the Personal Museum Artifacts at a discounted price! We ship a different artifact display each week/month, depending on the frequency of the subscription you choose. Each Display is $62 which averages out to about 20% off the retail price for all of the Personal Museums. 

All personal Museums are genuine and will include a Certificate of Authenticity.

Personal Museums included in the subscription plan: (Will update as we add more displays)

D-Day Barbed Wire Artifact Display

Berlin Wall Artifact Display

Egyptian Mummy Wrapping

Trinitite Atomic Bomb

Heritage Museum 2nd Edition

Shark Tooth Fossils

SR-71 Titanium Display

Neolithic Arrowhead Display

Pompeii Ash Display

Roman Coins Display

D-Day Parachute Display

Titanic Coal Display

V-2 Rocket Shrapnel Display

Heritage Museum 3rd Edition

Chernobyl - Medic Box

Wright Flyer Fabric Flyer Display

Civil War Bullets Display

Dinosaur Eggshell Oviraptor Display

Let us know if you have any questions about this subscription option! This is a great way to collect every Personal Museum.

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